ICBB 2016:

ICBB 2016 will be held in Budapest, Hungary on August 18 - 19, 2016.

Poster Board Dimensions:

Authors presenting via poster boards are to be informed that poster boards are 110 cm height and 70 cm width.


Best Paper Award:

Two best paper awards will be conferred to author(s) of the papers that receive the highest rank during the peer-review and by the respected session chairs. Please visit Paper Submission for more information.


Propose Exhibits, Workshops & More

ICBB attracts a wide range of researchers in the field of bioengineering and biotechnology. As a prominent company in the field of bioengineering and biotechnology, we would like to offer you an exhibit at ICBB. Please visit Events for more information.

The Scientific Committee list is currently being updated. We appreciate your patience!

Scientific Committee Members:

Dr. Adil Al-Mayah, University of Waterloo, Canada

Dr. Anna Ardévol, Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Spain

Dr. Vladimir Baulin, Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Spain

Dr. Bjørn E. Christensen, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway

Dr. Tanja Dominko, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA

Dr. Gert-Jan Euverink, University of Groningen, Netherlands

Dr. Vito Ferro, University of Queensland, Australia

Dr. Masami Kageshima, Kansai Medical University, Japan

Dr. Yiannis N. Kaznessis, University of Minnesota, USA

Dr. Kambadur Muralidhar, South Asian University, India

Dr. Chandra Prabha M N, M. S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology, India

Dr. Wensheng Qin, Lakehead University, Canada

Dr. Bindu S., M. S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology, India

Dr. Liqiu Wang, University of Hong Kong, China

Dr. Sergey Zotchev, University of Vienna, Austria

Upcoming Dates

Mar. 1, 2016
July 15, 2016
Regular Registration
Final Extended Regular Registration
After July 15, 2016
Late Registration
August 18, 2016
First Day of the Conference